Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The somewhere and the anywhere

I haven't written on my blog for almost four years. Life just seem to take over with two kids and everything else that life brings. An article I read has made me feel exhaustingly frustrated. I felt the best thing to do was share the feeling.  Its a reaction to David Goodhart’s article in the FT weekend.  I can only hear him saying the same things that Trump, Jean-Marie Le Pen and many on the rabid edge of the right spout. It saddens me that Goodhart chooses to add to an already long list of divisive words - the somewhere and the anywhere.  
Human beings. That’s what we teach our children to treat every other person as. I am proud that our five year old and eight year old do not see colour, race, religion or even sex. Our Kenya born son believes he is Kenyan. Why not? The view that holds everyone equal can not even be compared to one that separates us based on our differences. Aren't we all just like each other – just another human being?
In this increasingly intolerant world we find people like David Goodharts, who have always been closet conservatives, taking advantage of the current environment to come out of their closets. To proudly declare they are leaving the liberals. Reading his article made me think of my Kenyan son. It made me think of one of the Masai beliefs. That all the cattle in the entire world belong to them. They pride their non-negotiable right to freely graze their cattle anywhere.
I would go as far as to say, like the Masai’s believe, I too believe that we as human being we have equal right to live anywhere on this earth. Equal right to every part of this earth. Nation states are a practical way to avoid anarchy but also to ensure our rights as individuals. Rights as human beings.  Including the right to live anywhere. Leaders, are given the previledge to represent us. Our rights. Including this right to access. The EU is a symbol of this – creating an enabling environment where rights like free movement are possible. How frustrating that people like David Goodharts have been allowed to take this away. What we need is more EU not less. 
As for the ‘somewheres’ that David Goodhart talks about, its their right to stay ‘somewhere’ but they do not have the right to restrict those of us who want to go ‘anywhere’. I refuse to teach my children any differently. They can be whoever they want. They can live wherever they want. 

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